The Colpitts Hotel is a pub in Durham, England. It was opened in the 1830s by the Colpitts brothers and is now owned by the Sam Smiths brewing company. At the time of this project, Carol Brown had been the landlady for 41 years. She lived with her husband Tom in the small flat above the pub. According to Carol, The Colpitts has hardly changed in the last century. There is no music to be heard because there are no speakers. There are is no sport to watch because there isn't a television. It is heated by a coal fire. The un-carbonated bitter on tap is pulled from a wooden keg in the basement. Routine is everything. The same people come in at the same time every day. They drink the same drink and sit in the same seat. It is a place that has resisted change and is home to fiercely loyal patrons. In 2014, it was also on the cusp of transformation. Carol’s son passed away in autumn 2014 and she relinquished her post as landlady in May 2015. The Colpitts’ future is uncertain. This is a story about a place that has resisted change and the people that inhabit it. You can listen to Carol's story here.