This story takes place in Velezizweni, Swaziland. Nelisiwe Mavimbela lives with her three children in their grandmother Alexina's house. One of these two women is gone every month. They take it in turns to travel the several thousand kilometers to and from Cape Town, South Africa to sell the hand-woven baskets and table mats they make at home. Usually one of them stays behind to mind the children while the other spends about a month walking from door to door in Cape Town's wealthier neighborhoods. Alexina has been making the trip back and forth to Cape Town almost every month for the past 25 years, while Nelisiwe has been helping her since she stopped going to school. The fathers of Nelisiwe's children do not support her or the kids: Nstika, Nobesuthu and Angela. It is up to Nelisiwe to provide enough to feed and educate them in the hopes that they will not have to do as she does when they grow up.